Perdue Farms, Inc. MAINT LEAD in Bridgewater, Virginia


Description/Job Summary

The purpose of a lead person is to maintain and repair equipment, machinery to maximize production in the plant. Ensure preventative and routing work orders are done correctly in a timely manner. Provide direction and technical advice to associate within

the department. Schedule and order equipment/items needed.


  1. Assist the supervisor so he/she can effectively manage the department.

  2. Ability to use all basic hand tools that are required and adjust, troubleshoot and make repairs.

  3. Work in all departments in the plant.

  4. Organize tasks to be performed.

  5. Monitor and oversee quality of work being produced.

  6. Train associates as needed or as directed by management.

Required Skills

Must possess knowledge of hydraulic systems, conveyor systems and aptitude for industrial machinery.Strong reading, communication math, writing, and analytical skills are required. Must have a valid Virginia Driver's License.

Preferred Skills

1 to 2 year/s experience.

Required Education

High School Diploma or GED equivalent and two years of technical college preferred.



Longest time in a single interval is more than >8 hours with more than 30 repetitions per minute. Temperature exposure is less than <32 degrees Fahrenheit to more than >75 degrees Fahrenheit. Dampness exposure is 100% humidity (steam), ambient and or dry.

Walking/standing surfaces are wet. Chemical exposure includes chlorinated water at less than (<50 ppm), ammonia vapors more than (>5ppm), dry ice (CO2) handling, caustic detergent cleaners, lubricating oils, hydraulic oils, and salt. Noise exposure is from

less than <80 DB to 90-94.9 DB. Light intensity exposure is less than <50 ft. Candles to more than >100 ft. Candles. Tools used include knives, scissors, clippers, sharpening steel, shovel, mechanic hand tools (hammer, pliers, etc.). Equipment operation

includes welder, cutting torch, grinder, industrial shop equipment, power jack, and forklift. Personal protection equipment/devices includes hearing protection, vision protection (glasses/goggles), chain gloves, rubber gloves, rubber rain suit, hard hat,

lab coat, back support, face shield, self-contained breathing apparatus (SBA), and hair net. Longest interval of time spent walking is 4-8 hours with more than >30 repetitions/minute. Maximum distance is more than >100 ft. Walking surface is moist and/or

uneven. Longest interval of time spent standing is 4-8 hours and walking mobility. Occasional lifting with 1-3 repetitions/minute. Maximum weight lifted is more than >80 lbs. with 1-3 lift repetitions per minute. Starting position height of lift is floor

level. Final position height of lift is 5'-6'. Extension reach during lift is 12"-18". Body position during lift is squatting. Occasional twisting with 1-3 repetitions/minute and a maximum angle from forward of 30-6- degrees. Longest interval of time

spent sitting is 4-8 hours with variable up/down position. Occasional bending with 1-3 repetitions/minute. Maximum angle-forward is 45-90 degrees, maximum angle-backward is 5-10 degrees and a maximum angle-side of 10-20 degrees. Longest interval of time

spent reaching is 2-4 hours with 4-6 repetitions/minute. Forward distance is more than >24", side distance is more than >30 degrees and backward distance is more than >10 degrees. Longest interval of time spent grasping is 2-4 hours with 10-15 repetitions/minute.

Objects grasped are hand tools and equipment handles. Percent time interval grasping is 26-50%. Perdue family of companies is an equal opportunity, affirmative action employer committed to hiring a diverse workforce.

Perdue Farms, Inc. is an Equal Opportunity / Affirmative Action employer. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, disability, or protected veteran status.